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Sponsorship is now one of the most significant parts of marketing mix and all marketers consider it a major factor of a successful marketing campaign. Sponsorship comes in various forms i.e. sports, art & charity, educational & scholarship etc. And we offer one of the most exciting and effective sponsorship programs - "Entertainment".

Why Sponsoring a Concert?

It offers an integrated communication platform which you can integrate it into your overall marketing initiatives or campaign. It is able to give experiences that your competitors CAN’T OFFER and your customers CAN’T BUY!
It can help achieve advertising impact in a quicker way, while provides effective cost leveraging opportunities in which you garner the most attention with the least amount of money. It is an effective advertising platform which will help to defray the increasing advertising cost in today’s market place.
The strong association with star-studded celebrities attracts attention of the media and public. Concert sponsorship provides the opportunity for celebrity association without you paying substantial artiste’s fee.
The appearance of international stars evidently differentiates your advertising from your competitors, and it creates stronger brand personality that gives rise to a lasting impression in the mind of consumers particularly in the increasingly saturated advertising mediums.
Bringing your brand to life via entertainment platforms and allows audience to touch and feel & engage the brand in environments they are passionate about will create greater brand memorability.
You will gain valuable opportunities to tap new potential markets from other collaborating partners or sponsors. Cross-selling constitutes brand and marketing synergies and will help to open up new markets.

Why Star Planet?

We are a concert and live event specialist with proven track records. We believe in conducting business with integrity. More importantly. we are marketing-driven and work to optimise the desired effects of our sponsors.

If you're interested to know more about our concert sponsorship package, and how your brand can benefit from it, you're welcome to submit an Inquiry Form. Our sponsorship team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you.